3 5k Ideas to Try When Organizing Your Charity Race

They don’t call ‘em “fun runs” for nothin’. When you organize your ownrunning charity race, not only do you raise money for a cause, but you also involve the community in some outdoor physical wellness initiatives.

As one of the most tried and true methods of fund raising, there will never be a shortage of 5ks to lace up and sweat for. So, if you want to jump into the fund raising racing circuit, you’re going to have to find ways to differentiate yourself and draw attention to your cause. Here are three themes that will put your 5k a step ahead of the rest.

Color Run

The Color Run was founded in March 2011, and has since popularized the joys of running while getting blasted by color bombs. Starting a Color Run of your own is simple. Have your participants begin the race in white t-shirts and have plenty of bags of colored cornstarch to bombard your racers (Sunglasses make great eye protection).

color run

Create stations from which you will launch your color attacks and turn the music up to 11 to make this larger than life race really pop!

Color races are generally less competitive than your average 5k, so a sub-18 runner might feel out of place. Try to keep the race fun and light. Besides, cornstarch, heavy sweating, and eyeballs might not be a healthy combo.

Pump and Run

The perfect race for buff bodies to get that competitive edge. Pump and Run races are just like your traditional 5k, but with one added element: Fe. These races begin with each participant repping their body weight on bench press. Based on the amount of repetitions they perform, their final time is reduced.  15 to 30 seconds per rep is generally appropriate, but you might want to put a limit on reps so to keep scrawnier runners in mind.


Once you have your course laid out, all you need is a bench and some iron for your racers to toss around. Purchasing weights can get expensive, so look towards a school or local gym that might want to sponsor your event. Oh, and don’t forget the inspirational music. “Eye of the Tiger” usually does the trick to unleash your racers’ inner beast.

Zombie Run

Ask participants to register as a zombie or runner and let doomsday commence! Racers who register as a human will traverse a post-apocalyptic themed course in attempt to avoid a disemboweling demise. Zombie participants will attempt to either tag racers or tear away their “flags” (think touch-football) to increase the ranks of their undead army.


Creating the right atmosphere for this type of race can be difficult. Look for wooded areas and park trails that naturally have plenty of places for zombies to hide, so you can save time in creating obstacles and scenery.


With all of the racing events that will be popping up this spring, we hope that these ideas will help your fundraiser stand out above the rest.


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