3 Keys to Running a Successful Non-Profit Campaign

In the past we’ve talked about how different generations and the candidates give back and how to get things moving for your cause with a 5k charity run; but what does it take to run a non-profit campaign? In a non-profit setting you strive to do the most good with limited funds. You rely on donations and volunteers to operate and to grow. In order to keep moving forward and increasing awareness and funds; campaigns are necessary. Whether the mission is to garner monetary support or to increase awareness, here are three key things you need in order to run a successful non-profit campaign.


I know what you’re thinking–“Gee thanks, Captain Obvious–we wouldn’t have guess that one,” but hear me out. I include organization as a key factor because it is so important to the whole operation. If you do not have a well planned and executed campaign, well you might as well not have one at all. Also there’s a lot more to being organized than spreadsheets and planners. Having an organized and cohesive message is essential. By ensuring that your campaign has a message that is uniform across all platforms and throughout the organization will help drive success. By having a clear, Who, What, Why, and How will make it easier for your audience connect and support your cause.


Want to increase your donor or volunteer base? Or, do you want to promote awareness for a cause many are not familiar with? You cannot do this unless you are visible. That doesn’t mean you send out a bulk email to your current donor list and hope they spread the word or update the organization’s website/social media page that gets little traffic. This all ties back into being organized. You need to plan media relations. Maybe you have the luxury of having some advertising funds set aside? Great! Use that well crafted cohesive mission message on a billboard, t-shirts, video, etc. But, in most cases you will not have a huge budget to work with. If this is the case, hone your writing skills and work on a press release. Make your cause newsworthy so it can garner free media attention and reach a greater audience than prior channels have.

Learn and Evaluate

You cannot grow if you do not learn. If your first plan flops, examine why and adjust for the next campaign. Was the message clear? Do you need to adjust the audience you are seeking to attract? Can you work on your visibility? Do you need to work on your press release writing skills? You cannot continue to run campaigns the same way each time especially if they are not as successful as you wished. By evaluating each campaign at its conclusion you can account for your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the next.

Needs some examples of well-run campaigns? Check out these examples.

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