3 Tips For Setting a Nonprofit Resolution [Infographic]

Ok, so  you have your personal New Year’s resolution set in stone. You’ve been to the gym about three times now–we’ll even count yesterday even though you left early because your legs really did “hurt that bad”. Good for you; you’ve picked a goal to get in shape! You prioritized your time to set aside for your fitness, got yourself a gym membership and even joined a spinning class because you love the social engagement aspect of it.

Looks like you’re on track. What else could there be? Forgetting something? Maybe the nonprofit board you belong to is falling short of its New Year’s resolution?! Don’t panic; there’s still time.

non profit resolutionLuckily for you we’ve drawn up a handy infographic showcasing three crucial steps involved in the implementation and success of your nonprofit’s goal.

In this infographic we’ll look at what it takes to make your nonprofit resolution a reality. Focusing on prioritizing three goals, whether you’re calling it quits on a previous goal that just isn’t panning out the way you expected, continuing and improving upon a pre-existing goal, or deciding on a whole new goal entirely!

You love the motivational team engagement in your spin class; so carry that mentality over into forming a power team within your nonprofit committee. Gather up those influencers and advisors you need to get the ball rolling and plop them into your mega-team. Soon enough there will be so many ideas, positive reinforcement, and best of all, SUCCESS with your goals and vision.

Follow along and we assure you that in no time you’ll be on the fast track to starting and completing your charitable contributions wherever philanthropy carries you!


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