3 Ways to Make Your Foundation Stand Out

There are numerous non-profit and for profit organizations, all vying for consumers’ attentions, support, and of course money/donations. Every day your target market is bombarded with messages. How do you make sure your message is being heard? How do you make your foundation stand out and grow? It all starts with a plan. Today we will look at several tools you can utilize to organize your goals and messages which will help you differentiate your foundation from others.


You cant get where your are going if you don’t know where to go. Setting short and long term goals, and making sure all members of the organization are on board will make moving forward all the more easier. Setting goals will also help attract donors and volunteers. This gives those that would support your organization essentially a map of what their money and efforts will go towards in the now, but also keep them connected for the future. Goals will drive your plan.


make your foundation successfulOnce you have your goals outlined, you need to communicate them. These goals should be communicated internally and externally. Just like your goals, the message should be communicated and embodied by all in the organization. It should not just be a robotic recitation of the foundation’s mission (though being consistent is important), but a natural communication.

Now communicating a good message to an external audience is where you need to make your organization stand out. This also involved careful planning. This is where you illustrate the goals you are striving for. Many groups will opt for just a general message like, “Help us end childhood cancer.” While this does communicate a goal, it lacks crucial information and a call to action. By communicating a framework of who, what, when, where, and why/how when applicable will help attract more supporters.


Now we’ve talked about the importance of setting goals and creating a message, but how do you actually do it? For instance, VoIP Innovations has created several eBooks outlining great ways to help businesses stand out and be successful. These principles can also be applied in the non-profit sector. One of the tools outline in eBook, “How to Build an Industry Dominating Strategy” is a vision summary. This compact, one-page tool will help you to get down on paper your goals and planning your message. Though compact it allows for planning in the short term and the for the future. By writing this all out in one area it will be a great resource to refer back to and update quarterly as goals are met.

It all starts with a plan. To make your organization stand out you must set goals that will guide you into the future and a message that will garner supports through the journey. The secret to standing out is not a secret at all, it’s organization.

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