5 Reasons to be Thankful for Nonprofits


Before you dive into your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, take some time to give thanks for the things in your life. Here at the Tapolci Foundation we are thankful for many things, one of these is nonprofit organizations.
Here is a list of five reasons to be thankful for nonprofits.

thanksThey Help Communities to Grow

Community organizations often tackle projects and problems that are too hard for townships, boroughs, and community government to handle. Groups organize volunteers to give back to community parks, activities, and residents. Examples of nonprofit community organizations are local sports teams, organizations for the elderly or homeless, and others for children and teens.

They Allow Access to the Arts

Have you been to a museum lately? Chances are that it was a nonprofit organization. Arts organizations are responsible for the preservation of arts and cultural via museums, public radio, or arts councils. They also help children learn about art, advocate for local artists, and provide sanctuary for international artist refugees.

They are with You During the Hard Times

The American Red Cross is a just one example of a nonprofit organization there to help you during hard times. Due to natural and personal disasters people need help regularly, although these groups aren’t always recognized as being nonprofits though they may be. This includes many hospitals, churches, and volunteer ambulance and fire stations.

They Address Issues that Escape Political Attention

Nonprofit organizations help organize people, ideas, and efforts to bring attention to issues that can be overlooked by political organizations. Many groups help their volunteers create change through research, support, and knowledge. If you have an issue you feel is being overlooked, reach out to your local organizations and you may find like-minded people.

They Make a Difference

Our favorite reason of all! Nonprofits make a difference. They are the unsung heroes of communities and families. Creating change in communities, providing support to families, and helping our world move forward is what they do best.

Take some time this season to spread the word about your favorite organizations. Donations are great, but volunteering is just as helpful!

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