5 Tips for Securing Sponsors for a Non-profit Event

Non profit SponsorsWe’ve discussed how to raise funds and how to expose your organization in several previous posts. One way to garner support for your cause is to hold an event. Events can run the gamut. You could hold a charity fun run or maybe you want to get fancy and hold a gala; regardless of what type of event you have, you are likely going to need some outside help to pull things off.

We’ve talked about the importance of volunteers and donors in the non-profit world many times. Sponsors are equally important to the fundraising process. Sometimes events cannot be pulled off with the budgets some organizations have, but by recruiting sponsors you can supplement your budget as well as expand your sphere of influence with their help. Let’s discuss some things to consider when working to secure sponsors for your next event.


Just as you would research a venue or vendors, you should also research your sponsors. It is important to approach the correct sponsors. You want to ensure they fit in with the views and goals of your organization. Just because the sponsor may be a big name in your area, does not mean they are a good fit.

Plan Your Approach:

Once you have researched who you’d like you’d like to work with as a sponsor, you’ll want to plan a tailored approach. You’ll want to make sure you reach out to the right people within your potential sponsor’s organization. You’ll want to target the decision makers, find out who they are and go to them directly. Dealing with a middle man will waste time and valuable information can get lost in the shuffle or be misrepresented. You will also want to plan the message you’ll present to each specifically proposed sponsor. Also, you’ll want to tweak your presentation for each one as the benefit for supporting you and connections between your organizations will be unique to each one.

Consider the Media:

When you are compiling your list of groups to consider don’t forget about local media channels. They may already be part of your plan in regards to marketing for the event so why not make them part of it? It can help better expose your event and even your bottom line.

Create a Package Deal:

When proposing sponsorships, remember you need to present the value of partnering with your group for this event. You are asking an organization to make an investment in you. Present to them a “sponsorship package” and allow them to be involved in the planning process. This way both parties will be set up for success and will both get value out of the venture.

Follow Up:

If you have a successful turn out you may want to make your event an annual fundraiser for your non-profit. Since you’ve had success you’ll want to remember those who helped you achieve it. Be sure to thank your sponsors for their investment and support of your organization and give them a break down of what you were able to accomplish as well as how it has benefited them. This will give them more incentive to sponsor you for future events.

When planning your next event, remember to not only focus on the details of how you will execute the day but who will help you reach your goal. By securing appropriate and supportive sponsors your organization’s next affair will be fruitful for all parties involved.

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