5 Tips to Make your Nonprofit Website Get Noticed

Non Profit Websites

In the age of technology, everyone has a website, from nonprofits to retailers to individuals seeking employment. Many web designers make building a website accessible and easy, however, this doesn’t mean that your website will attract the right kind of attention. Today we’ll share with you some of the items that make up a great nonprofit website.

The main components of your nonprofit website should reflect the core of the organization itself. The content should leave visitors with the feeling of passion for your cause.

1.      Contact Us

According to Network for Good, the number one mistake nonprofits make when it comes to their website is forgetting to include contact information. Donating money or time to a nonprofit is a big decision; potential donors or volunteers may have additional questions and need to contact someone at your office.

2.      Mission Invisible?

Including your mission statement is a must for any nonprofit website. Taking it a step further and showing visitors how the mission is carried out will improve the effectiveness of your web page. Include stories, photos, testimonials, and success stories to emphasize the importance of your organization.

 3.      Use your News

Do you have a fundraiser coming up? Are you recruiting volunteers for a special project? Did you just receive an award for your efforts? Don’t forget to share your news. Share it through your website, newsletter, and social media. Also, don’t forget to include social media links and newsletter sign-ups on your website.

4.      Examples

Do some searches to compare what you like and dislike from other organization’s websites. Gather examples and adjust your website accordingly.

 5.      Ask questions

Mainly, make your ask for donations clear! Create an easy-to-use button and display it prominently on the website. This will draw attention to your organization’s needs and help donors easily give money or time to your organization.

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