America Recycles Day… Recycling Our Favorite Posts!


Plastic bags. Shampoo bottles. Paper. Newspapers. Old cell phones… What do all of these seemingly unrelated things have in common? You can recycle them! Today is America Recycles Day and the Tapolci Foundation has taken the pledge to recycle papers and plastics for the planet. In the meantime, we’re going to start by recycling some of our top blog posts from this year in case you missed them.


How to Harvest Your Connections
This is one of our more recent posts focusing on reconnecting with your connections for the Fall. Full of tips for useful ways to stay connected with your network, this post can help you and your nonprofit stay connected.

How to: Start a Charity Committee (Part 1)
This post was part of a series we did about starting Charity Committees. Take a peek and you will learn about establishing your committee, appointing a leader and setting guidelines.

3 Ways to Make Your Foundation Stand Out
Making your foundation stand out in a sea of organizations with similar goals can be difficult. Let us help you refine your goals, message and tools to help your foundation stand out.

5 Tips for Starting a Nonprofit
Starting a Nonprofit can be challenging, let us help you navigate the basic beginnings of starting your own. This post is a general overview and tips for translating your passions into action through starting your own foundation.

3 Keys to Running a Successful Nonprofit Campaign
In a non-profit setting you strive to do the most good with limited resources. Most organizations conduct annual campaigns for donors, volunteers and other helpful resources. Start with these three keys to plan your campaign next year.

Let’s keep in mind on this America Recycles Day that we cannot only recycle trash, we can also all make progress by recycling ideas that help each other.

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