3 5k Ideas to Try When Organizing Your Charity Race

They don’t call ‘em “fun runs” for nothin’. When you organize your ownrunning charity race, not only do you raise money for a cause, but you also involve the community in some outdoor physical wellness initiatives.

As one of the most tried and true methods of fund raising, there will never be a shortage of 5ks to lace up and sweat for. So, if you want to jump into the fund raising racing circuit, you’re going to have to find ways to differentiate yourself and draw attention to your cause. Here are three themes that will put your 5k a step ahead of the rest.

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How to Use Your Talents for a Charitable Cause

Today, we have some more advice for the shallow-pocketed philanthropist. By using some of your special skills and expertise, you can help out a charity without even touching that precious bank account of yours. Here are three ways to skillfully donate to charity.

Put It in Writing

Do you consider yourself to be the greatest writer to ever put pen to paper, or rather finger to keyboard? Use your mastery of the written language for the greater good and help a local charity gain some exposure.


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10 Steps To Strategize Your Next Nonprofit Campaign

So your nonprofit is ready to take a new step into campaign territory?

Whether you’re an established nonprofit organization or an organization just getting into the game, you’ll need a solid course of action to reach potential donors. Raising awareness requires much more than setting a yearly goal. You need strategy.

Strategy that is not just about tactics. Strategy will also promote development within your committee.

strategyWe’ve come up with these ten steps that will further your chances on establishing a solid and strategized nonprofit campaign! We salute you on your brave campaigning journey!


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How Charity is Trending Because of #GivingTuesday

As the dust settles upon the wreckage of that which was the chaos of Black Friday, manic shoppers retreat to their homes and power up their computer monitors to quench their bargain-lust on Cyber Monday.

In an effort to revive philanthropy during the holidays and combat the materialism of major shopping days, such as Black Friday, Giving Tuesday was born with hundreds of millions participating around the world each year.

Giving Tuesday

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26 Ways to Give Thanks —The Gratitude Marathon

November is coming to a close, and within a few days Thanksgiving will have passed, millions of shopaholics will invade the malls, and Christmas music will dominate the airwaves. Despite its cozy and cheerful exterior, the holiday season can become very stressful amongst the hectic traveling, chaotic shopping events, and inescapable, mind-numbing, repetitiveness of Christmas melodies.

Before we jump into the more aggravating aspects of the holidays in the next few weeks, let’s take a step back and focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving: showing gratitude.

Gratitude Marathon

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Helping the Hungry: Volunteering at a Food Bank

We are in the downswing of fall. The weather is getting colder and days are becoming shorter. Despite the falling temperatures and dreary winter ambiance of brown and gray swiftly approaching, this is the season of cheer, accompanied by the spirit of giving.Food Bank

Volunteering at a food bank is a popular method of charity by those who wish to indulge in the giving season. If working at a food bank is something that warms your stuffing, read on.

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How to: Start a Charity Committee (Part 2)

Last time we went over setting up your charity committee. The frame is in place, but now you need a plan of action. Today, we’re going to go over setting up the parameters of your organization.

Setting your charity parameters

Choosing Your Charity Initiative

Setting parameters is like laying down the groundwork for your charitable projects. By setting parameters, your group will be more organized and you can narrow your focus on your most pertinent projects.

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How to: Start a Charity Committee (Part 1)

So, your company has tasked you with organizing a charity committee, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, by viewing this blog, you’ve already made a great first step! This is the first post in a series that will help you begin your venture onto the path of charity. Before you know it, you’ll be among the ranks of Mother Teresa in your selflessness to society. The following steps are what Pittsburgh-based company, ABG Capital, used when starting their committee.

Planning a charity committee

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