Four Instagram Ideas for Nonprofits  

How to Use Instagram for NonProfitsInstagram holds a unique place in the social media world. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all use written text as their primary method of communication. Instagram uses hashtags, but its primary purpose is the visual appeal. Instagram can be a useful tool for nonprofits, not necessarily to collect donations, but to show a visual representation of the work being doing by an organization. Use the tips below to learn about the uses of Instagram for nonprofit organizations.

Draw Audiences to Your Other Social Media/Web Presence

Instagram can be a great tool for nonprofits, but it should work in conjunction with other established social media sites and websites. Use Instagram to draw audiences to your organization’s Facebook or website where potential donors can learn about the organization’s history, programs, impact, and future.

Promote Partnerships

One of a nonprofit’s greatest assets, aside from donors, are its partners. Use Instagram to showcase the work of partner organizations. Link to their social media sites, start a hashtag, or hold a promotion together. Starting social media campaigns with partners is a fantastic way to reach additional audiences with similar interests.

Thank Volunteers

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Use photos of volunteers in action to show your support and give thanks while also letting your followers know about current projects. Photos help tell a story and Instagram is the perfect place to tell a nonprofit tale.


Instagram is the king of hashtags when it comes to social media outlets. Facebook and Twitter also use hashtags, but the search features and suggested topics on Instagram come straight from the hashtag. Nonprofits can use this to their advantage by launching fundraising campaigns with creative hashtags. Just like the #FundTheTruck campaign we organized for the Washington County Food Bank!


Need more ideas? Take some time to check out how other nonprofits are using Instagram to further their mission. Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog has compiled a list of 50+ Nonprofit Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now. While you’re at it, follow us @tapolcifoundation on Instagram!

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