How to Celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day!

ugly sweater dayWho remembers their parents making them wear an ugly sweater for family photos? I know I do! I never would’ve thought that this long forgotten memory would become a trend. With the increasing popularity of Ugly Sweater parties, companies have started mass-producing ugly sweaters for those of us who do not feel crafty enough to make our own. This trend has recently gotten so popular, that there is a National Ugly Sweater Day… which happens to be today, December 16, 2016. So put on your ugly sweater and let us tell you how being cozy can support charity!

Step 1 – Buy Your Ugly Sweater

Visit and look through their list of places to buy your ugly sweater. Although it may be too late to wear it this year, you will still be able to support a charity and wear it throughout the Holidays! Tipsy Elves will donate $1 to children in need through its Sweaters 4 Sweaters campaign.

Step 2 – Donate/Give Back

Save the Children is the official charity partner of National Ugly Sweater Day. Save the Children helps kids in 120 countries, giving them the care they need to grow up happy and healthy. Visit to learn how you can donate, volunteer or sponsor a child. You can also buy gifts from their catalog and proceeds will go to their programming.

Step 3 – Have FUN!

Most of all, HAVE FUN! National Ugly Sweater Day allows you to create a crazy Holiday look, while supporting charitable organizations. Get your friends, coworkers, and family members involved to create photos to share online and bring awareness to the day. Use hashtags like #NationalUglySweaterDay and #SaveTheChildren to make others aware for next year!

Are you planning to celebrate ugly sweater day this year? If not, will you be putting it on your calendar for next year?

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