How to: Start a Charity Committee (Part 1)

So, your company has tasked you with organizing a charity committee, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, by viewing this blog, you’ve already made a great first step! This is the first post in a series that will help you begin your venture onto the path of charity. Before you know it, you’ll be among the ranks of Mother Teresa in your selflessness to society. The following steps are what Pittsburgh-based company, ABG Capital, used when starting their committee.

Planning a charity committee

Establishing Your Committee

The first step in starting any kind of committee is recruiting members that share interest in your cause. Because you’re reading this post about starting a charity committee, you’re obviously going to want to target people who want to give back. Send an email to your employees and staff to gauge their interest in joining the committee. It also helps to ask what causes they personally find important. If there is a chance that they’ll be making a difference in their area of interest, it’s more likely that they’ll join to make it happen.

Appointing a Leader

Now that you have gathered your team, you must call your first meeting and elect a head. This step is somewhat obvious, but very important for the success of your committee. The committee chairperson must be dedicated to the cause and willing to invest time into the project. Your leader will have to be well organized, and able to delegate tasks and manage the group.

The chairperson will also be responsible for clear communication within the group. Any announcements or important business must be handled by the chairperson, and all communication by committee members must reach the chairperson. This ensures that organization will be maintained and all members will be on the same page.

Setting Your Guidelines


Finally, let’s set some guidelines. Forming rules for the committee is vital, but having too many may stifle the energy of the members. Generally, the only rules you’ll really need are those that set meetings, assign positions, such as chairperson, secretary, and committee members, and guidelines that align with your purpose.

Since you committee is coming out of the workplace, meetings should be arranged in coincidence with upcoming charity projects and when you need to edit your guidelines and methods of operation. Also, be careful not schedule meetings too frequently, as you don’t want to overwhelm your members. Finally, when it comes to aligning your actions to your purpose, just make sure you stick to your cause. You don’t want your walk-a-thon fundraiser to gradually become an excuse to leave work for happy hour.

By following these simple steps, your committee should be off the ground and running in no time. So get out there, and make a difference.

Next time, we’ll go over setting up the parameters of your organization and arranging your charitable projects. In the meantime, let us know what steps you have made in giving back!


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