How to: Start a Charity Committee (Part 2)

Last time we went over setting up your charity committee. The frame is in place, but now you need a plan of action. Today, we’re going to go over setting up the parameters of your organization.

Setting your charity parameters

Choosing Your Charity Initiative

Setting parameters is like laying down the groundwork for your charitable projects. By setting parameters, your group will be more organized and you can narrow your focus on your most pertinent projects.

When setting up parameters for charity events consider your company values, time/money your company is willing to invest, and goals and objectives of your company. When considering your company values, think about what foundations or organizations your company can closely relate to. For example, a sporting goods store owner might want to raise money for the NFL’s Play 60 initiative, or a pet supply store could invest time in helping out the local humane society.

If you’re a business owner who might not have an obvious connection to a cause, think about what you personally care about. For ABG Capital, they decided that they wanted to help children who have little or no control over their unfortunate circumstances. Now, ABG Capital is an active sponsor of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, annually giving their support to children in the Western Pennsylvania area. Also, think about brainstorming a list of ideas from your coworkers. They will be more willing to participate in an event if it involves something that they came up with.

Planning Your Commitment Strategy

Planning your commitment strategyNow, think about the amount of time and money your company is willing to commit to attending a charity event.  Should you organize the event to occur during work hours or should you wait for the weekend? Of course there are pros and cons to both. If you go to your event during the work day, you will be missing out on productive hours. On the other hand, your volunteers might be less likely to attend if they have to give up their personal time. A good option is to schedule a half day on a Friday.

Spend the afternoon working for your cause and reward your volunteers with a healthy way to start the weekend. When considering the money you’ll spend towards your cause, it would be wise to set a budget. Depending on your style of philanthropy, this money might go towards a check that you’ll cut towards a foundation. If you’re a hands-on group, use that money to set up your event before you go into the trenches.

Consider the Objectives of Your Company

Finally, consider the objectives you want your company to achieve. If you feel as though your company needs better team skills, charity events are a great way to work on team building, especially events that are hands on. Choose events like working at a food bank, or renovation projects that will cause your team to communicate and invoke critical thinking. Also, think of goals that lie in the bigger picture. If you have plans to reduce animal abuse, for example, or create a stronger community look for opportunities to fit your criteria.


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