How to Start Nonprofit Podcast in Four Easy Steps

microphone-338481_960_720Today we’re going to talk about starting your own nonprofit podcast. Podcasts have gained popularity recently as an alternative way to get news, spark discussion, and gain knowledge. If you’re not already familiar with podcasts, you can easily download a podcast streaming app onto your phone and browse the hundreds of topics available for free. I’d suggest starting with my favorite podcast, Lore, it discusses the history behind popular folklore stories around the world.

Why would you want to start your own nonprofit podcast? There are many reasons including, advancing your mission, sharing information with your donors and potential donors, or just supporting your cause and creating a network of individuals who share your passion. Below, you will find some basic steps you can take to start your own podcast.

 1.      Design your show–Before recording your first episode, you’ll want to layout the topics you will cover in your podcast. Firstly, pick a name for your podcast. Listen to examples of similar podcasts and decide how you would like your content to be similar and different from the other shows. Start with the Do Good Better Podcast. Choose how long each episode will be, if you will have any guests on your show, and what days you will release new episodes.

2.      Buy your equipment–You’ll need some items to help you record and edit your podcast. These items include a microphone, mixer, and recording software. There are many options for recording software ranging from free like Audacity to hundreds of dollars like Sony Acid Pro. Choose the right one for your organization’s budget.

3.      Record and edit your podcast–This is the fun part! Record your show, listen to it, and edit it to perfection.

4.      Upload your podcast for the public–You’ll need to find a place to host your podcast online. Some suggestions include the free SoundCloud or something like Libsyn which is $5 per month. Once you find a place to host your podcast, you’re ready to put it on iTunes and other podcast directories.

These are some basic steps to take when starting your nonprofit podcast; in-depth instructions can be found online. If you already have or are starting a new podcast, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below! We’re always looking for new podcasts to enjoy!

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