How to Use Your Talents for a Charitable Cause

Today, we have some more advice for the shallow-pocketed philanthropist. By using some of your special skills and expertise, you can help out a charity without even touching that precious bank account of yours. Here are three ways to skillfully donate to charity.

Put It in Writing

Do you consider yourself to be the greatest writer to ever put pen to paper, or rather finger to keyboard? Use your mastery of the written language for the greater good and help a local charity gain some exposure.


Help get the word out by volunteering to write press releases, newsletters, or even blog articles for a non-profit’s website. They might even need a social media campaign, so fire up those Twitter fingers!

“Look at this photograph…”

Thanks to Instagram, anybody can be a photographer these days. Slap on an Earlybird filter, and voila! You could be the next featured photographer for National Geographic!


If you love photography, another great way to donate your expertise is to capture the philanthropic acts of your favorite local charity. Once again, this can be used to give them more media exposure!

Be a Charitable Code Monkey

Let’s be honest, most local charities can’t afford to pay for a Silicon Valley-level web designer to create visually striking websites. Realistically, many of those websites seem to be frozen in the mid-90s.


If you have the HTML know how, why not do these guys a favor and help them design a sharp-looking website? It’s time to bring these charities into the 21st century. Are you not coding inclined? There are plenty of websites, such as Codecademy to help you get started!



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