Making Monetary Donations on a Budget

When donations make headlines, they are often in insurmountable amounts high enough to shake heaven and earth itself. Bill Gates himself pledged to donate 95 percent of his wealth to charity which is currently estimated to be at $74.8 billion.

Although the generosity made by deep-pocketed philanthropists is often staggering, you don’t necessarily have to empty your bank account just to make a difference. Making donations on a budget can be easy; and no we aren’t going to ask you to donate a gallon of blood in the process.

Empty Pockets

Setting up a monthly budget will make scrapping for donations an easier task. Figure out how much you spend on necessities like housing and groceries and try to cut down on entertainment fees like eating out or Netflix (props to you if you found a way to mooch an account from your friends).

Once you have your budget planned out, use a portion of your excess cash to go towards charity. If you still feel as though your budget leaves you a bit thin, consider some of these options to make small monetary donations.

Check ‘Yes’ at the Counter

When making your next grocery run, spend that extra buck at checkout to donate towards the common cancer research or world hunger foundations. In the grand scheme of things, that dollar isn’t going to set you back too much, and if you think that dollar isn’t going to make a difference then just consider that checkout campaigns earned a combined $388 million in 2014 alone.

Make a Change with Coins

If you have a change jar, consider saving up until the end of the year and Coin Jardonating towards your favorite cause. Salvage discarded pennies from couch cushions and car floors and add them into your change cache.

Although it might be tempting to spend your saved change on Starbucks coffee or a few beers on the weekend, remember that it’s going to a great cause.

Once you’ve collected your cash, most Coinstars will give you an option to donate towards their sponsored charities.

Give Charity Some Credit

Put that plastic to good use and round up your debit and credit card purchases to be donated towards charity. Signing up with sites like ChangeIt will allow you to effortlessly round up your purchases and donate that extra change towards a charity of your choice! Once again, technology continues to help us make the world a better place.

Obviously you don’t need to spend cash to help a cause, but monetary donations do have their place. Also consider giving your time to volunteer for a cause, or use your expertise in a certain field to educate others.

Visit the Tapolci Foundation to discover ways to make donations towards charities in southwestern Pennsylvania or find new ways to volunteer in the area.

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