Paying It Forward with Play It Forward

‘Tis the season to spread some holiday cheer! We all gladly welcome back the holidays this time of year with open arms. Whether we’re spending time with our families, catching up on some last minute holiday shopping, or just enjoying whatever time we may have away from the office; we’re all trying to take in as much of the holiday spirit before it’s said and done.

However, maybe you’re not feeling entirely fulfilled this holiday season. Maybe you’re transitioning from a Scrooge to a Grinch type character? Maybe sitting in that recliner watching the game, or decking out your house to resemble something out of a Griswald family vacation movie isn’t your thing. You seek something a little more satisfying or maybe even philanthropic. Well congratulations, this time of year has plenty in store (no, not in an actual store… get the Black Friday madness out of your head) for you to give your time to a cause that matters!

What Now?

So what is your next step? Will you donate toys? Volunteer to ring that donation bell? Provide winter clothing to children heading out to the bus stop on these frigid mornings? There’s a lot of options. By no means is that a bad thing either.

play it forward

Maybe you need us to paint you a better picture of holiday time well spent in the world of philanthropy. Today, we’re going to take a look at what ABG Capital did to make a difference. Hopefully their contributions will sprout an idea for your next move. But hey, if picking the pie out of your beard while watching countless hours of Sunday football or snagging all of those holiday deals is your thing…more power to ya!

This year ABG donated their time and energy to a volunteer opportunity with Play It Forward Pittsburgh on Friday, December 11. Needless to say it was a huge success. ABG Capital served as a collection site for people in the Robinson area. The turnout was larger than expected. The donations, even bigger!

On Friday, they packed up their collections and went to Play It Forward’s Century III Mall location and got to work putting the finishing touches on sorting all of the toys into organized areas. On Saturday, December 12, in Play It Forward Pittsburgh’s 5th year of operation, they welcomed over 1,100 people through their doors and gave toys away to over 4,000 local children! The kind atmosphere and the integrity within truly was felt by all.

Maybe you’re interested in jumping onboard the Play It Forward movement? Although Play it Forward is no longer taking toy donations, there are still plenty of ways you can help. They are still accepting donations through PayPal. These monetary donations will go towards business expenses associated with the drive.


play it forward

So are you ready to make your next move and get involved with some charity efforts? Good! Get out there and feel the love as you touch the lives that need you most!

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