Recap: Volunteering at the Greater Washington County Food Bank

April has been a very eventful month for all of us here at the Tapolci Foundation! We’ve certainly been picking up the pace on our philanthropic efforts outside of the office in the past few weeks. To recap, we held our wildly successful event, #FundTheTruck, at Mad Mex in Robinson, exceeding our goal of raising $2,500 towards a 24’ refrigerated truck needed for the Greater Washington County Food Bank!

Food Bank Assembly line

This past Friday, April 28, we were fortunate enough to have another giving opportunity. We loaded up our cars and made the trek from the fast-paced scenes of Robinson, PA, to the rolling hills and countryside of Washington County. Waiting for us was a facility with the sole purpose of providing nourishment to residents of its surrounding area. This house of sustainment was the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

Food Bank

After walking into the facility, we were divided into groups. Most of us were put to work boxing what seemed like an insurmountable stockpile of goods. A handful of us also stepped inside the inventory room to gather, organize, and stock items for the GWCFB’s thrift store where help was more than appreciated.

ABG Presents Check to GWCFBAfter several minutes of getting settled with our newly acquired positions in the assembly line, we took a break for our fearless leader, Jeff Tapolci, to present a check including the funds our organization raised from the #FundTheTruck event as well as our donation page. After a few photo-ops, it was back to work!

As with all things Tapolci Foundation related, we had a goal in mind. This goal was to beat our previous “boxing-speed” and overtake the record holder of 720 boxes in 3 hours. Each box was filled with 10-12 items that would be placed in a medium sized box, given a printed recipe, and sealed up to be placed on wooden pallets for delivery.

We were busy bees, to say the least. We had the “boxing” down to a science. Our members worked like a well-oiled machine with very few breaks! And at the end of the day, our helpful team tallied up a grand total of 734 boxes! We could have kept going with time left on the clock, however, we ran out of items to box up and send out!

ABG visits the GWCFBNonetheless, 734 boxes on 18+ wooden pallets passed our previous record. A record we encourage you to beat by volunteering with a group of co-workers, family or friends! Whether it’s lending a hand to your local food bank or shelter- all efforts count when it’s needed most.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help the lovely people at the Greater Washington County Food Bank. We plan on continuing our philanthropic outreach with the GWCFB throughout the year, raising awareness for their cause.

How can you get involved with the Greater Washington County Food Bank? Head over to their website to find out how you can take a day to contribute volunteer work. Or click here to donate to the #FundTheTruck campaign which we will continue running until July 31st!

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