Season of Giving: Pittsburgh Volunteer Opportunities for December

ChristmasWe are a week into December, the holidays are quickly approaching, and the weather (sadly) started getting colder. The Season of Giving is here! At a time where we are running around working to complete our holiday to-do list, many others are struggling to just get by. This season, if you are looking to give back to the community there are many worthy options. Here are several organizations with volunteer opportunities for this December and beyond.

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Take a Break from Giving and Give Yourself a Vacation!

I woke up today and realized we are already nearing mid July. To me, the summer always seems to fly by once we pass the Fourth of July. We try to pack so much into the summer; concerts, picnics, baseball games, swimming, yard work. All of this on top of our regular crazy schedules. I don’t know about the rest of you, but boy, do I need a vacation. We give so much in our day to day we forget to give back to ourselves. It’s time to take a break from giving and give yourself a vacation.

Now, if you are anything like I am, your brain is racing with what you need to do/get done before vacation. Then you start to shake thinking what could go wrong while you are away. Fellow workaholics and control freaks I know your plight. We want to save the world and put it in order, but we cannot do that running physically, mentally, and emotionally on empty. Taking a step away from giving can give us a lot back, so we can give more in the future. Here are three ways to give yourself time off that will recharge and strengthen your resolve.

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