5 Tips for Storytelling About Your Nonprofit

IMG_0039We’ve all watched the commercials, and you know what I mean; the ones that get you right in the feels. They tell us a story with the intention of stirring up emotions that we will in turn hopefully act on. I’m sure you could name a few right off the top of your head. I bet the ASPCA spot where they play the Sarah McLachlan song, “Arms of an Angel“, is one of the first that come to mind. Many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials were heavy on story telling as well.
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Time and Money: Philanthropy of Millennials and Baby Boomers

Over 1.5 million non-profits are registered in the US according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS). All of which are looking to garner support from the public. The two largest groups, with greatest buying power, are the Baby Boomers and Millennials; groups with very different experiences and motivations.

Baby Boomers watched as Neil Armstrong took “one small step” on the moon, can remember the Cold War, JFK’s assassination, and the Vietnam War, as well as Beatle-mania and Woodstock. They also saw some of the most successful years we’ve had as a country, and are generally more financially secure. Millennials witnessed the birth, and foster the growth of the digital age, watched as the Twin Towers fell, helped elect the United States’ first African-American President, and stream music on their iPhones. Though they have considerable buying power (due to the large size of the group), many Millennials struggle to reach the financial success of the older generations due to the “Great Recession” in the late 2000s. These groups have different perspectives of the world but both groups are big on giving back.

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Four Ways A Millennial Can Make Time For Volunteering

It’s eight in the morning. You wake up, shower, get dressed, and then take that long hike to class. After sitting through 75 minutes of lecture, which happens to be irrelevant to your major, you make the trek back to your apartment to cook some brunch (yes, I said brunch–I apologize) followed by the homework that’s due in your next class, which… is in 15 minutes.

Once again, you’re walking to class and staring at your iPhone clock for another 75 minutes.millennials and volunteering

If this is how your day-to-day goes as a college student, even as a post grad, you’ll find it terribly difficult to find time to make a difference with volunteer work.


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