5 Tips for Starting a Nonprofit

We all have causes we are passionate about. We volunteer. We help raise funds or donate. We work to spread awareness. But what do you do when you feel you can and want to do more?

One option is to build your very own nonprofit organization. You can do the additional work that you feel needs to be done and serve the communities your group feels are underserved. With all the enthusiasm you possess for your cause, you want to hit the ground running; here are five tips to make the process of starting a nonprofit go smoothly.

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3 Ways to Make Your Foundation Stand Out

There are numerous non-profit and for profit organizations, all vying for consumers’ attentions, support, and of course money/donations. Every day your target market is bombarded with messages. How do you make sure your message is being heard? How do you make your foundation stand out and grow? It all starts with a plan. Today we will look at several tools you can utilize to organize your goals and messages which will help you differentiate your foundation from others.

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