Recap: Volunteering at the Greater Washington County Food Bank

April has been a very eventful month for all of us here at the Tapolci Foundation! We’ve certainly been picking up the pace on our philanthropic efforts outside of the office in the past few weeks. To recap, we held our wildly successful event, #FundTheTruck, at Mad Mex in Robinson, exceeding our goal of raising $2,500 towards a 24’ refrigerated truck needed for the Greater Washington County Food Bank!

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5 Ways to Get Employees More Involved in Philanthropy

VolunteeringGetting your business involved in Philanthropy not only leads to a great public image but, more importantly, it makes a difference in the community. The question, however, is how do you get your employees to spend their time volunteering? Below are some suggestions from on how to get employees interested, excited, and on track to volunteer in 2017.

Stand for Something

“It’s good to stand for something, to believe in something and base your business on values.”
-Jerry Greenfield

Make sure your employees know that your organization believes in making a difference. Do this by emphasizing the organization’s values. Publicize the donations (both monetary and in time) you have given to organizations with similar values. Seeing the overall contribution will motivate employees to get involved.

Start at the Top

Get executive-level employees to set an example for everyone. Getting the CEO, CFO, COO, and executive-level management involved will assist in creating an inclusive philanthropic environment for your employees.


Everything is easier to do in a group. If you can spare a day or two, organize company or departmental volunteer events. This will help those new to volunteering feel more comfortable and those veteran volunteers will learn about new organizations and ways to give back. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Get to know your employees

How well do you know your employees outside of the workplace? Many of them have passions and skill sets outside of their day-to-day work. Take time to learn more about them. Then use this information to help pair them with organizations that match their passions.


Who doesn’t like an extra day off? Many companies have a volunteer policy, either giving employees time off to volunteer, company-wide recognition, lunches, or a combination of incentives. Incentives are nice; however, they work best when there is a spirit of philanthropy within the entire company.

Do you volunteer? Does your organization support or encourage your efforts? Or, are you a manager looking for ways to get employees to volunteer more? Start a conversation and share ideas in the comments!

13 Nonprofit Superstitions


Today is the first Friday the 13th of 2017, the other being in October. While those suffering from triskaidekaphobia may have decided not to do business today, we have decided to share some of our favorite volunteering and nonprofit superstitions (or myths) and the truth behind them.
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#ShowUsYourCause for a Chance to Win our Sweepstakes!

Are you passionate about helping a charity or organization? Do you love a cause so much that you constantly talk about it to all of your friends and family? If you have the heart to volunteer, then you might be a fit for our #ShowUsYourCause contest. Here at the Tapolci Foundation, we are committed to enriching the community. Now, we want to celebrate those who have contributed their efforts to build stronger communities.

show us your cause

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“3 Billion Acts of Green” – Getting Involved on Earth Day

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, the flowers are starting the bloom, and I’m sneezing…yeap it’s finally spring. The last of winter’s cold is behind us (or so we hope), and now it’s time to get outside and soak up some rays. Today should give you a great reason to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather because April 22nd is Earth Day!

There are many things you can do to participate and it can be as simple or as involved as your time will allow. Earth Day Network is reaching out to the world and working to reach “3 billion acts of green” by the 50th anniversary (this year marks the 46th year), and has some great examples of how to help them reach this goal. You can make your activities something you do alone, as a family, or you can join groups of volunteers taking part in projects across the globe. So let’s talk about what we can do to get involved and get to that 3 billion mark by volunteering, donating, and teaching.

bird in nest

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Four Ways A Millennial Can Make Time For Volunteering

It’s eight in the morning. You wake up, shower, get dressed, and then take that long hike to class. After sitting through 75 minutes of lecture, which happens to be irrelevant to your major, you make the trek back to your apartment to cook some brunch (yes, I said brunch–I apologize) followed by the homework that’s due in your next class, which… is in 15 minutes.

Once again, you’re walking to class and staring at your iPhone clock for another 75 minutes.millennials and volunteering

If this is how your day-to-day goes as a college student, even as a post grad, you’ll find it terribly difficult to find time to make a difference with volunteer work.


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Helping the Hungry: Volunteering at a Food Bank

We are in the downswing of fall. The weather is getting colder and days are becoming shorter. Despite the falling temperatures and dreary winter ambiance of brown and gray swiftly approaching, this is the season of cheer, accompanied by the spirit of giving.Food Bank

Volunteering at a food bank is a popular method of charity by those who wish to indulge in the giving season. If working at a food bank is something that warms your stuffing, read on.

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